RSS issues

I've heard from several readers that the RSS feed isn't working for them. This is another of those problems where I can't replicate the problem myself (it works fine wherever I check), but I know it must actually be real because so many people have let me know!

I updated my server some time ago to an RSS 1.0 feed; for the time being I'll go back to RSS 0.71 to see if that helps.

If that breaks RSS for you, let me know!

UPDATE (3/8/2006): OK, that serves me right. Switch RSS and break the server! Meanwhile, I've noticed that RSS problems seem to correlate with posts that include non-standard HTML characters (for example, when I excerpt from another site that uses long em-dashes and forget to find-and-replace them). I guess some RSS readers can't deal with them? One of the hazards of site maintenance...