Charitable gifting

1 minute read

It’s getting close to the holiday season, and many of us are doing a lot of gift shopping. Every so often I like to remind readers that they can click on Amazon links from this website, which gives me a small percentage of your purchase at no additional cost to you. The Amazon search links are always on the right sidebar.

Lately I’ve been doing all my reading on the Kindle, either on my keyboard 3G wireless version or with the Kindle software on the iPad. If I were buying a new Kindle today, it would probably be the paperwhite 3G Kindle, but you’ll have to wait for a Christmas delivery on that one.

I’m posting today because I noticed some great values on the Kindle store, including several books marked down to $3.99 or less. One of those is Don Prothero’s book, Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters, which would make a great gift for the person in your life who needs to hear the evidence…

If you don’t buy stuff, don’t forget you can donate with my PayPal link over on the right sidebar. The donations over the last year have been really important to meeting my server costs.