Things I didn't expect to happen today

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I am absolutely overwhelmed by the interest and press given to our paper about acceleration of human evolution. So far, the paper hasn't yet shown up online at PNAS, but you can get a copy here and there, or by asking me for a preprint.

Google News is tracking 240 stories worldwide on the research as of today, and that link also points to comments by two of my coauthors, Eric Wang and Henry Harpending.

I just wanted to dash down a list of things that have surprised me:

1. I didn't expect to be on the Drudge Report.

2. I didn't expect to be on Rush Limbaugh's stack of stuff.

3. It feels very strange to be on drive-time morning radio shows in Australia. It's like traveling to the world of tomorrow! Because, well, it is.

4. A talkative 2-year-old may function as an effective prop when talking to a reporter about the relationship of selection and fertility.

5. I didn't expect to get six inches of snow.