Survivor follies

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I suppose it's uniquely anthronerdy to be irritated by the fake skull props on Survivor. But they're like biker skulls with sutures in the wrong places!

And they've given them a "flint" right away this time. That irritates me every time, because it is really one of these magnesium bars, where you shave off some and make some sparks and it lights up to 5000° (compare and contrast with a real flint and steel here).

Of course, when that tiebreaker last season had two people trying to start a fire with these things for over an hour and a half, I was rolling!

I always tell my students that Survivor is the best show to watch for anthropological insights. If you want to see how hard it is to make Machiavellian intelligence work, this is the one to watch!

I love how nobody wanted to pick Ms. Smartypants, and she got sent to Exile Island. And, oh no! The immunity idol is a fake skull, with baseball-like fake stitches and a spangle of fake ulnae!