Thanks for the plate tectonics, CBS!

I've been seeing these ads for this new show, "Jericho", which is supposedly about how a western Kansas town reacts to some kind of nearby nuclear explosion.

I've got to say, I'm freaking tired of seeing mountains in these ads that supposedly happen in Kansas!

Now, you know I'm from western Kansas, and this is looking to me like the worst kind of lunacy since Tom Clancy put a secret bioweapon lab outside of Salina, complete with bus stop on I-70!

Let's read a description:

JERICHO is a drama about what happens when a nuclear mushroom cloud suddenly appears on the horizon, plunging the residents of a small, peaceful Kansas town into chaos, leaving them completely isolated and wondering if they're the only Americans left alive.

(Me: Sure, right. That's totally what would happen. Of course, it's hard to be totally isolated when there's nowhere more than a half-hour drive from anywhere else. Yeah, we're the only Americans left alive because the magic ju-ju bomb has whacked the whole country!

Gretchen: The whole premise is stupid! Do they think that Kansans are all some kind of rubes who disintegrate into some kind of science-fiction scenario as soon as something bad happens?!)

I just don't understand where the mountains are supposed to be. I mean, is this like somebody nukes Colorado Springs, and we're supposed to be able to see it from Kansas? Or did the nukes make the mountains? Have any of these people been to Kansas?