"Are you the spirit of an ancient king?"

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I enjoy “Destination Truth” and “Ghost Hunters”. Of course, they’re totally fake.

Like tonight, for example, the “Destination Truth” team is walking around Angkor at night. Well, logically it’s always at night, because otherwise how could you use the FLIR camera? And in their typical way, they’re asking if any spirits are present.

“Is someone here?”

“Are you the spirit of an ancient king?”

These are intended to get “paranormal evidence” down on the EVP – that’s “electronic voice phenomenon” – recorder. Evidence frequently emerges, almost-voices saying almost-words, that sound really not very much like words even when the team primes viewers with an interpretation.

There’s really only one thing I keep wondering. Why are these ancient Khmer ghosts supposed to speak English?

This is especially irritating to Gretchen, who notices how often the producers put subtitles so that we Americans can understand the accented speech of their local guides. I guess the dead must have better language training than the living!