Anthony Bourdain's Bushman encounter

I really like Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" show -- the schtick is that he's a freewheeling chef-with-attitude who travels around the world seeing unusual sights and eating unusual meals. What makes it entertaining is Anthony's attitude: deep down, he appreciates the basic food of other cultures as an element of human experience and the fundamental building blocks of high cuisine; but he finds an incredible array of creepy, questionable, or plain disgusting-looking meals.

So, he ends up eating raw seal meat with Inuit people in Quebec, incredibly old pickled things in Vietnam, and bushmeat in Ghana. Mind you, he also eats a broad variety of really high-class foods -- my favorite from last season was his meal at El Bulli in Spain with chef Ferran Adria -- you can't get any more refined than that! The thing is the juxtaposition; eat what the poor people eat, eat what the rich people eat, look for the connections.

My favorite moment so far this year, I saw last week -- his visit to a bush farm in Namibia, where some local people fed him, well, read the description:

Bushmen Farmland, Arnold Huber
Tony joined a hunt, took a tour and ate authentic bushmen dishes, including an ostrich-egg omelette, warthog brains/rectum/meat, tree beetles and Namibian truffles.

He really liked the tree beetles.