Bones again; long-dead teen hanging in tree

I didn't have much to add last week. Although I did have the same question as this week: Doesn't this fictional D.C. have a medical examiner? I mean, both of these (the bomb victim; the mummified hanging victim) are cases that a forensic anthropologist might well get called in on, but not until the ME (or coroner) had performed the legalities (like signing a death certificate) and released the body to the Jeffersonian Medico-legal lab. I guess skipping that part helps tighten up the plot (and gives a good reason for Brennan to pal around with a hunky FBI agent.

I can appreciate the catch-22 between declaring a homicide or not, but this is exactly the sort of thing that will get you thrown out of a lot of future court cases. I guess it's lucky that Brennan hasn't had to go to court yet!

OK, now it seems to me that actually watching all the tapes is something you could have the minor characters do, to give them a reason for being.

Another week without much for the anthropologists. Maybe it's time for a Civil War crime to surface.