"Bones of Turkana" to air

On Wednesday, May 16, PBS here in the U.S. is broadcasting a film called “Bones of Turkana”.

The astonishing life of Richard Leakey paleoanthropologist, conservationist, statesman, provocateur will be the subject of an hour-long special from National Geographic, Bones of Turkana. The program investigates four decades of exploration and discovery around Northern Kenya's Lake Turkana, which have given rise to both breakthroughs and controversy in the contentious field of human evolution.
The film follows Leakey today along with his wife, Meave, daughter Louise and the world-famous fossil hunters of the Turkana Basin Institute team striving and exploring along the shores of a mercurial and prophetic lake. It is both a portrait of a remarkable family, as well as a dramatic tale of a place that, despite momentous climate change, has never ceased being the cauldron of human evolution.

Sounds like a lot to squeeze into an hour…