"[Tom] Arnold will play Rog, a gay caveman"

That’s the last line of this news item about the cast of the upcoming movie, “Homo Erectus: A Caveman Comedy”:

The film centers on Ishbo ([Adam] Rifkin), a philosophical caveman who loves Fardart ([Ali] Larter), but she only has eyes for Ishbo's studly, dimwitted brother, Thudnik ([Hayes] MacArthur). [Kill Bill's David] Carradine and [Rocky's Talia] Shire will play Ishbo's parents, while [Tom] Arnold will play Rog, a gay caveman.

Hmmm…a philosophical caveman? Would that be like Johnny Hart?

The whole thing reminds me of Caveman, a movie from 1981 where Ringo Starr and Dennis Quaid compete for Shelley Long (!). Man, I thought that movie was great when I was 9! Maybe it made me an anthropologist….

OK, I’ve snapped out of it.