Clone your own Neanderchimp baby?

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Is this really necessary?

The full genome of the Neanderthals, an ancient human species probably driven to extinction by the first modern humans that entered Europe some 45,000 years ago, is expected to be recovered shortly. If the mammoth can be resurrected, the same would be technically possible for Neanderthals.
But the process of genetically engineering a human genome into the Neanderthal version would probably raise many objections, as would several other aspects of such a project....
Dr. Church said there might be an alternative approach that would alarm a minimal number of people. The workaround would be to modify not a human genome but that of the chimpanzee, which is some 98 percent similar to that of people. The chimps genome would be progressively modified until close enough to that of Neanderthals, and the embryo brought to term in a chimpanzee.
The big issue would be whether enough people felt that a chimp-Neanderthal hybrid would be acceptable, and that would be broadly discussed before anyone started to work on it, Dr. Church said.

Now, in Jurassic Park, when they had to fill in the gaps of the dinosaur DNA, they used frog. Which is why the female dinos can end up cloning themselves at the end. But that won’t work for Neandertal DNA at all…. Clearly after all this “discussion” of the ethics, they’ll have to supplement the gaps with some human’s DNA. Some publicly available human’s DNA. Like maybe one of the people from the Personal Genome Project…

Failure is an orphan, but success has many fathers?