"Many a forum would be greatly improved by the addition of some pedantic dorks."

That quote is Roger Ebert, in the comments of his post, “The longest thread evolves”. Turns out that when Ebert reviewed Ben Stein’s egregious Expelled last winter, the blog grew beyond belief:

A week or so ago I began to receive feedback that posts weren't being displayed on my entry "Win Ben Stein's Mind," from Dec. 3, 2008. That was my attack on Stein's film "Expelled," which supported Creationism against the Theory of Evolution. I consulted the web gods at the Sun-Times. I was told...uh...ahem...perhaps the thread was growing a tad long, and was maxing out the software? After 2,640 posts and 239,093 words, perhaps this was the case.

A prolix metastasis! I miss Ebert on TV – I always enjoyed disagreeing with his movie judgment – but on this score I’m glad to see we agree completely. The post is worth passing along, in case you need reminding about the dishonesty of the forces of intelligent design:

I almost didn't write that Ben Stein entry. I set out to write an ordinary review of "Expelled" for the excellent reason that I am fascinated by the elegance and insight provided by the Theory of Evolution. I was going to review the film, not write a 4,000-word screed against the clueless Ben Stein. That was until I arrived at the astonishing final passages of his film, and then I grew really angry--as angry as I've been about any film.

Considering the thousands of films he’s seen, I’d guess that’s saying something! I will add this: Since Ebert’s idea of “The Longest Thread” is obviously a play on “The Longest Day,” I wonder who would be the pro-evolution equivalents of John Wayne, Sean Connery, and Robert Mitchum.

I don’t have to ask about Fabian…