Your leaf-point or your life!

A whole story on Dennis Stanford's theory (the one where Clovis points in North America are made by the descendants of Solutrean people from Europe who crossed the Atlantic, Saint Brendan-style), and here's the only "critics say" quote:

Some scientists believe that the Solutrean peoples were responsible for much of the cave art in Europe. Opponents of Stanford's work ask why, then, would these people stop producing art once they made it to North America?
"I don't know," Stanford said. "But you're looking at a long distance inland, 100 miles or so, before they would get to caves to do art in."

Oh yeah, that's the stumbling block, yep.

This particular story I wouldn't ordinarily have commented on, but I'm covering New World origins in my genetics course this week. Which is, of course, the most inconvenient problem with the Solutrean scenario. That is, not "Gee, why did they lose the creative urge?", but "Gee, how did they suddenly get all those Asian genes?"

The sad part, is that by ignoring this aspect the news story really doesn't give the Solutrean side a chance to show off an ingenious interpretation of the genetics. Which has a lot in common with the recent LDS interpretations: early Solutrean genes got swamped by later Asian immigrants.

Or maybe Polynesians. Or Australians.