News tidbit on Kent's Cavern

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The local paper gives us a snippet of news about ongoing work at Kent’s Cavern:

AN ULTRA modern search at Kents Cavern hopes to uncover clues missed by the Victorians.
Two archaeologists are planning to excavate a small part of Kents Cavern, Torquay, to unravel their quest to see if modern man lived alongside Neanderthals.
The dig is being carried out by archaeologists Dr Mark White, of Durham University, and Dr Paul Pettitt, of Sheffield University.
They plan to use modern techniques of almost 150 years of improvements in archaeology to determine what conditions existed in the cave tens of thousand of years ago.
They will be using 3D mapping, microscopes, and chemical analysis, as well as traditional methods of brush and trowel, to work out how sediments were deposited in the cave entrance, and what vegetable and animal remains are buried.

More at the link, including some about the cave’s history. I wrote about Kent’s Cavern in 2005, and again in late 2006, when the rumor was a claim that the Upper Paleolithic maxilla might date to as early as 37,000 years ago. No word since then.

Dr Pettitt said: "We aim to link Neanderthal extinction with the spread of modern man into Britain.

They’re certainly following up on the idea that Kent’s Cavern is the early significant UP site in Britain.