Elizabeth Gould profile

Seed magazine has a very good summary of neurogenesis and profile of Elizabeth Gould online, by Jonah Lehrer.

The structure of our brain, from the details of our dendrites to the density of our hippocampus, is incredibly influenced by our surroundings. Put a primate under stressful conditions, and its brain begins to starve. It stops creating new cells. The cells it already has retreat inwards. The mind is disfigured.
The social implications of this research are staggering. If boring environments, stressful noises, and the primate's particular slot in the dominance hierarchy all shape the architecture of the brain -- and Gould's team has shown that they do -- then the playing field isn't level. Poverty and stress aren't just an idea: they are an anatomy. Some brains never even have a chance.

It's a series of studies in "molecular scars", in which environmental factors have long-lasting effects on gene regulation, in this case inhibiting neuron growth and proliferation.

It's also a good description of the network of scientists studying the effects of long-term stress on the mammalian brain. Very good article.