Notable: Chimpanzee corpse cleaning

Notable: van Leeuwen, Edwin J. C., Katherine A. Cronin, and Daniel B. M. Haun. 2017. Tool use for corpse cleaning in chimpanzees. Scientific Reports 7:44091. doi:10.1038/srep44091

Synopsis: van Leeuwen and colleagues watched as a female chimpanzee used a grass stem to clean the teeth of a male who had died, at a sanctuary for orphaned chimpanzees. Other group members all inspected or interacted with the body, but the female who cleaned the teeth was a close “adoptive” mother to this dead male.

Interesting because: It is the first recorded example of tool use upon a dead body of a conspecific by a non-human animal.

Best quote: “Like humans, chimpanzees may not treat deceased conspecifics carelessly, but instead handle corpses in a socially meaningful way – i.e. as social beings instead of inanimate objects”