Dead Marshes in Denmark

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ScienceNordic describes an incredible Iron Age archaeological dig in Denmark: “An entire army sacrificed in a bog”.

Archaeologists have spent all summer excavating a small sample of what has turned out to be a mass grave containing skeletal remains from more than 1,000 warriors, who were killed in battle some 2,000 years ago.
The army beneath the bog may have been defeated and killed in a battlefield located far away from Alken Wetlands.
Hertz says that if this were the case, it must have been a massive logistical task for Iron Age people to transport the bones to the lake.

It’s just like the Lord of the Rings! Ancient army that nobody remembers with bodies beneath the waters. Except, of course, these are bones. That sat on a battlefield to be ravaged by scavengers, and then secondarily tossed.