Link: Following fieldwork in Malawi

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Emory University has done a nice story about Jessica Thompson’s archaeological fieldwork in Malawi: “Bonding over bones, stones and beads”.

Thompson's fieldwork in Malawi has uncovered hunter-gatherer remains that yielded DNA ranging in age from about 2,500 to 6,100 years old. And her work is ongoing at a site where a skeleton recovered in 1950 was recently dated to 8,100 years ago and also yielded DNA.
The samples are by far the oldest-known human DNA from Africa, preserved by the cool, arid ecosystem of the highlands of northern Malawi.

University press sites often do a really nice job telling stories that give the day-to-day context of fieldwork. This is a great example, seeing the joy of students making discoveries and hearing the way that Thompson is planning her upcoming field season.