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How mice became house mice

3 minute read

A new paper from Thomas Cucchi and coworkers in Scientific Reports probes the early history of the house mouse: “Tracking the Near Eastern origins and Europe...

Twins from an adaptive point of view

1 minute read

The biological anthropologist Rebecca Sear looks at the evolution of human twinning in a post for This View of Life: “Solving the Evolutionary Puzzle of Twin...

Link: Online learning metaconversation

1 minute read

I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few weeks about how to help students transition more effectively to online learning. Obviously this is a topic on the ...

Tending museums through the crisis

less than 1 minute read

Atlas Obscura has an article by Jessica Leigh Hester looking at how curators and staff are tending museum collections and infrastructure while hallways are e...

When will we have concerts again?

less than 1 minute read

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has an essay in The Atlantic reflecting on our need for live music: “The Day the Live Concert Returns”.

Hunting the ghost dogs with camera traps

less than 1 minute read

Cara Giaimo in the New York Times covers a recent research paper that combines camera trap evidence from across a large swath of the western Amazon to examin...

The genetic ancestry of modern lions

5 minute read

Marc de Manuel and coworkers have a new paper in PNAS that presents some new findings about lion population history from whole-genome sequencing. The paper h...

Neandertal ancestors of African populations

5 minute read

Earlier this year, Lu Chen and coworkers from Joshua Akey’s research group published an assessment of the amount of Neandertal ancestry in the genomes of pre...

Quote: Robert Broom has no apologies

less than 1 minute read

Robert Broom, in the first paragraph of his paper, “Further Evidence on the Structure of the South African Pleistocene Anthropoids”, says it better than I co...

Stone Age minds in internet time

1 minute read

The journalist Kenneth Miller has an article in the current Discover magazine on “How Our Ancient Brains Are Coping in the Age of Digital Distraction”. I mak...