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Dental growth in early Homo

3 minute read

Dean and colleagues (2001) present a study of perikymata counts of anterior teeth (incisors and canines) in early humans and australopithecines, compared to...

Variation in Australopithecus boisei

2 minute read

Wood and Lieberman (2002) attempt to systematize the variation in fossil A. boisei. Their hypothesis is that some kinds of craniodental variables may be exp...

Enamel thickness in Afropithecus

4 minute read

Tanya M. Smith and colleagues (2003) measured the enamel of two Afropithecus molars, examining both their thickness and the periodicity of enamel formation....

The Tangled Bank

less than 1 minute read

A blog carnival is a selection of self-submitted articles following a theme of topics. A good one in the area of science and medicine is The Tangled Bank.

The life and times of Gigantopithecus

4 minute read

Russ Ciochon has a very nice article about Gigantopithecus up on his department webpage. The article appeared in Natural History magazine in 1991. It featu...

New hominid from Mille, Ethiopia

less than 1 minute read

News story on MSNBC I link to the MSNBC news story because it comes with a picture. That tibia (which looks a lot like a distal femur...) is the thickness...

Age of hominids from Sterkfontein

7 minute read

A recent spate of articles has carried on a debate about the age of the Sterkfontein hominids. Sterkfontein is a complicated site, including several distinc...

Continents of continuity

7 minute read

Harding and McVean (2005) present a review of current genetic evidence addressing the origin of modern humans. Unlike other recent reviews, they do not pres...

Chemistry and early hominid diets

17 minute read

The chemical analysis of bones to interpret diet rests on the observation that different foods vary in the composition of different chemical elements or iso...

Diet and mtDNA selection

2 minute read

Lowell and Shulman (2005) report on the possible links between the metabolic defects underlying type 2 diabetes and mitochondrial dysfunction. These links g...

Biochemistry and intelligent design

2 minute read

Thanks to a student, I have a link to an opinion in the online edition of the Valley Morning Star from Harlingen, Texas. The column is a long declaration o...


2 minute read

The Guardian has this story on the ouster of Prof. Dr. Reiner Protsch von Zeiten from the University of Frankfort. In another opportunity for creationists t...