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The KNM-ER 42700 calvaria

2 minute read

One of the highlights of the scientific program of the meetings was Fred Spoor's paper on the new cranial vault from Ileret, KNM-ER 42700. It is difficult t...

Retractions dept.

1 minute read

...wherein I disavow any suggestion that LB1 or any of the Flores fossils are australopithecines.

AAPA Meetings 2005

less than 1 minute read

Now back from the meetings, I wanted to give my sincere thanks to all those who introduced themselves and had kind words about the weblog. I'm really glad ...

Bringing down "Goliath"

8 minute read

This post is from 2005. More recent research has shifted much of what scientists used to think about Middle Pleistocene hominins in Africa. This research is ...

Proximal radius variation in hominoids

3 minute read

Patel (2005) examines the morphology of the proximal radius in different species of apes. He sets the work into the context of earlier work on hominid posit...

Dmanisi in National Geographic

1 minute read

The article in the April 2005 National Geographic about Dmanisi has some interesting details that have not been made public before. The feature of the artic...

Caring for the edentulous

10 minute read

One of the features of the National Geographic (April 2005) article on Dmanisi is the discussion of the necessity of other people to aid and care for the ol...

The evolution of crying

2 minute read

Carl Zimmer has a very nice piece on the evolution of crying and colic on his weblog, The Loom.

PhyloCode and human evolution

23 minute read

The April issue of Discover has a feature article on PhyloCode, focusing on the roles of Jacques Gauthier and Kevin de Queiroz in trying to revise the code ...

A show of "no support"

5 minute read

In an article about the controversy over the Liang Bua fossils, Rex Dalton of Nature inserts this non sequitur:

Have the hobbits been protsched?

3 minute read

USA Today has a feature article about the damage to the Liang Bua fossils upon their return from Yogyakarta. The article is available online, but the pictu...

Selection and drift in early Homo

7 minute read

Ackermann and Cheverud (2004) consider the pattern of selection necessary to change a nonrobust australopithecine cranium (i.e. Sts 5) into a robust austral...

The Ultimate Survivor!

6 minute read

OK, I was drawn in by the first few minutes, so I'm liveblogging the National Geographic show, "The Ultimate Survivor."

Where did pigs come from?

2 minute read

A study of pig mtDNA sequences by Greger Larson and colleagues in Science establishes that domesticated pigs originated in multiple geographic locations fro...

The Singing Neandertal

2 minute read

Is it just me, or does this remind anyone of "The Dancing Cavalier" from Singin' in the Rain?