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Back to the drawing board?

7 minute read

I'm from Kansas, and proud of it. I am therefore one of the select few products of public education in Kansas who studies evolution, and in particular the e...

The Rampasasa Pygmy Somatology Expedition

2 minute read

The interest in the biology of human pygmies did not begin with the Liang Bua find; it's been going on for awhile. The symptoms include Cavalli-Sforza's edi...

Social hierarchies and health in primates

4 minute read

Wow, it's almost like Science is reading my mind! Just after this post on social status and this post on allostasis, the April 29, 2005 Science has printed ...

What is the Kent's Cavern maxilla?

4 minute read

Kent's Cavern, near Torquay, England, underwent systematic archaeological investigation beginning in the 1860's, proceeding intermittently up to the present...

The Journey of Mankind!

1 minute read

It is really not worth looking at, but I couldn't stop laughing, so I have to point it out. The Journey of Mankind site is an animated map and timeline of p...

Who colonized the European Arctic?

6 minute read

I happened across an article by Pavlov and colleagues (2001) about the Mamontovaya Kurya site in the Russian Arctic. From the abstract (64):

A future without men?

2 minute read

H. Allen Orr reviews Brian Sykes' book, Adam's Curse: A Future Without Men in the May 12, 2005 New York Review of Books. This is a great review (with short ...

Allostasis in human evolution

9 minute read

McEwen and Wingfield (2003) discuss the concept of allostasis. I was unfamiliar with this concept myself until an interesting presentation by one of our gr...

Money, status, and social cognition

10 minute read

Via Instapundit, a link to a review of the new book Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything. Looks like a very interesting bo...

Overweight is best?

1 minute read

The New York Times reports a new study in JAMA on the mortality risk associated with different BMI classes. The study found that obesity and underweight cla...

Citation rates among paleoanthropologists

3 minute read

I am doing some informal research on the number of citations indexed by ISI for paleoanthropologists. After quite a lot of searching, I have come to an appr...

Looking for more on the Genographic project?

less than 1 minute read

Dienekes is all over the story, including a link to the video, news of some success stories, some details on the protocols from Spencer Wells, and detai...

NSF and data access

17 minute read

Mark Weiss from NSF appeared at the AAPA business meeting to discuss recent changes in the funding guidelines from the Physical Anthropology program. The mo...