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Aristotelian dental logic

2 minute read

Every introductory class in biological anthropology talks about wisdom teeth, the common name for human third molars. Around ninety percent of my students i...

Now, here are some real brain mutations

4 minute read

This week's (June 16, 2005) Nature brings yet another example of the way brain function may be modulated (see earlier posts here and here). This time, the c...

Sex differences in chimpanzee learning

less than 1 minute read

A new article in the New York Times discusses an upcoming paper by Elizabeth Lonsdorf and colleagues in Animal Behavior that examines the way that Gombe chi...

Kansas unhinged

1 minute read

MSNBC is carrying an Associated Press article covering the Kansas State Board of Education discussions on evolution and intelligent design.

In oxytocin we trust

4 minute read

It is essential to commencing labor contractions in pregnant women. It is implicated in behaviors related to maternal care, including milk letdown. It appar...

Welcome to a new Hawks

less than 1 minute read

Wednesday night Gretchen and I went to the hospital at 11:30, where she delivered our new son, Goodwin Everett Hawks, at 5:54 Thursday morning.

The expensive beetle horn hypothesis

1 minute read

Carl Zimmer has a great post discussing a paper by Douglas Emlen and colleagues (2005) on beetle evolution. I don't normally do a lot of beetle blogging, bu...

Back to Rampasasa

2 minute read

Following up on an earlier post, Time Asia has a story on the Rampasasa "pygmies." After reading the article, my feeling is that paleoanthropology has, on b...

What happened to the Australian megafauna?

4 minute read

Australia is well known for its unique animals. It has the most extensive diversity of marsupial mammals found anywhere in the world. Together with nearby N...

"Hold on. You're way ahead of me."

2 minute read

I apply these seven words a lot, and they should be said a lot more than they are. This essay by project management consultant Scott Berkun helps to explain...

On silk purses and pig's ears

2 minute read

This new paper by Jay Kelley (University of Illinois, Chicago) is about as close to a detective story that paleontologists get (via Palanthsci message board...

Number of New World founders

11 minute read

Jody Hey (Rutgers) has a paper in the current (vol 3, no 6) PLoS Biology providing estimates of the number of founders of the initial New World human popula...