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Link: Remembrance of Bryan Sykes

1 minute read

The British geneticist Bryan Sykes has died, and The Guardian has an obituary from Georgina Ferry: “Bryan Sykes obituary”.

Link: Interview with Annalisa Heppner

1 minute read

Secrets of the Dead on PBS is a series that shows some strong documentaries from a range of sources, mostly about archaeology or history. The site has a blog...

Sourdough yeasts from a genomic perspective

1 minute read

Current Biology has a fascinating paper by Frédéric Bigey and coworkers examining the genomic variation of bakery yeasts: “Evidence for Two Main Domesticatio...

Stone tool use-wear from capuchin monkeys

3 minute read

Adrián Arroyo and coworkers have an upcoming paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports that describes their work quantifying use-wear on stone ...

The superspreader conference

less than 1 minute read

Maggie Fox of CNN reports on the downstream COVID-19 infections resulting from the Biogen conference last February: “Boston biotech conference led to 245,000...

Moving toward preprint reviews at eLife

3 minute read

The journal eLife has adopted a new editorial policy expecting all submitted papers to be first posted to a preprint server like bioRxiv. The policy is annou...

Recognizing leprosy in wild chimpanzees

1 minute read

A story in Science has been making the rounds on my feeds about a newly-recognized problem in chimpanzee populations: “Leprosy, ancient scourge of humans, fo...

Skills and PhD training

1 minute read

A colleague directed my attention to the text of a recent lecture by Wendy Larner, the outgoing president of the Royal Society Te Apārangi of New Zealand: Pr...

People, not clusters

2 minute read

Surveillance of people with infectious diseases is a public health measure, yet such surveillance can lead to serious injustice. In an editorial in the Amer...

Feral rheas

2 minute read

Audubon magazine has a fascinating story by Sami Emory about how an area of Germany is being overrun by feral rheas: “Inside Germany’s Giant, Hungry, Flightl...