Mailbag: Virtually there

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Re: Second Life grant reviews

I have online acquaintances who are second lifers, so I have looked into it on their recommendation. I find 1) its basically creepy, and 2) has a pretty steep learning curve for proficiency in living/negotiating the 2nd life. I cant imagine being trapped in front of the computer in this for two days on a panel yuck! However, what concerns me most about this trend toward the virtual in NSF is the proposal. Are we now to prepare documents intended to be viewed in the virtual rather than closely read in real time? Will those who digitally, get it, fare better in reviews than the old and fusty? Jeeze, its always a crap shoot anyway, and now we have to worry about this?

Well, I guess if digital savvy will help in this system, maybe I’ll have a chance at last!

Yeah, I don’t see how there is even the pretense of accessibility for a diverse pool with “virtual” meetings, at least with the current offerings.