Mailbag: Reference typos

Re: the bibliography announcement:

Thinking about your issues with missing items, typos, and the bottleneck of your time and attention -- have you thought of wiki-ing it? Open up entries to editing, open up to new entries, and let an editor (you) accept or reject. Some true believers may want to add ID or aquatic apes, but that's what the editor is for -- and for the rest, only researchers who care are going to fix typos in a bibliography of paleoanthropology.

It’s not a bad idea, but for most of the errors, the utility of a fix is probably zero.

What I actually expect that in the next several years it will be a lot easier to script against an authoritative source (original journal or ISI) and automatically fix things that differ. Journals have been adding DOI to their back catalogs for several years and at some point I will want to add DOI information for every entry. That would be the time for a programmatic fix.