New RSS feed address

If you follow my RSS feed, you will have noticed the duplication of posts over the past few weeks. Thanks to the many readers who have written to ask about the problem.

This problem has been uniquely difficult for me to track down. Behind the scenes, I’ve been managing a server crossgrade to a new hosting company, and some changes to the infrastructure of the site. As I often do, I have also been experimenting with some new functionality and features for the site. So it has been tough to figure out which of the many changes may have caused the RSS problem.

The simplest solution for the problem is to provide a new feed address: . I apologize for the inconvenience of making a new bookmark, but at this point the irritation of duplicated entries is probably causing some readers to drop their bookmark anyway.

Meanwhile, I have redirected the basic to go to the blog front page. The original will continue to work also, and I have no plans to change that.

Thanks again for reading. Also, thanks to readers who have been hitting those Amazon links and sending tip jar donations, which enable me to continue serving the site independently.