Hawks: the wired professor

I don’t know if it makes me edupunk, and my glasses are definitely more slide-rule-chic than steampunk, but I get some face time in this Chronicle of Higher Education article (subscription required, sadly) about the technosavvy professorate.

That was a mouthful of buzzwords.

Here’s the cool part:

John Hawks
Assistant professor of anthropology, University of Wisconsin at Madison, and author of john hawks weblog, a blog about paleoanthropology, genetics, and evolution
Number of e-mail messages in in box: 1,160. He uses three different computers, so he archives some files and messages in his in box.
Favorite tech tool: A digital drawing tablet, which lets him create drawings and then upload them onto his computer, including the animal skulls that appear on his blog. He also likes Python, a computer-programming language he uses in his research.
Wish list: He would like a device that could accurately transcribe a lecture. "It's a terrible situation for voice recognition," he wrote in an e-mail message.
Rules of engagement: When he feels that technology is pressuring him, he just stops. And he avoids getting into online arguments with anonymous people, calling that a "complete waste of time." That is the chief reason that he does not allow user comments on his blog.

The article really emphasizes the idea of information “guilt” and how people deal with pressures on their few moments of downtime. Pretty much my advice to anyone, is if technology is pressuring you, turn it off. Go read a book.

P.S. No, that wasn’t “Hawks: the weird professor”. Although you wouldn’t know it from the “animal skulls”!