Malapa news

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A story about Malapa in the Times of South Africa gives just a few more details about the discovery of the infant remains near the two reported skeletons: “Baby hominid found at Cradle”

Meanwhile, there’s also this:

Berger took the juvenile's fossils to the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in France, in February, to test them using highly sophisticated equipment.
At ESRF - an international research institute with cutting-edge technology - a fine X-ray beam, less than half the width of a strand of human hair, was used to scan the skull over four days.
Berger said French scientist, Dr Paul Tafforeau, based at the ESRF, suspected that the juvenile's brain was still intact.
He said the scan created a permanent record of the skull, adding: ''If something ... should happen to that skull, there's an electronic record of it at the highest resolution that human kind can produce right now."

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