New hominid from Mille, Ethiopia

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News story on MSNBC
I link to the MSNBC news story because it comes with a picture. That tibia (which looks a lot like a distal femur...) is the thickness of an index finger. The elements of the skeleton are described as smaller than Lucy's. According to the story, the remains are estimated to be 3.8 million to 4 million years old, and include a tibia, partial femur, ribs, vertebrae, "pelvis," clavicle, and scapula. I put quotes around pelvis because of the context of the story -- it seems pretty clear that if they had any substantial part of a pelvis, Bruce Latimer wouldn't be talking about the tibia and talus being the primary evidence for bipedality.

There's not much to say about it yet, since there is no publication or description. The date is nearest to Kanapoi as a comparative sample, but aside from the tibia there may not be any shared elements between the two. Of course, this assumes there is not a skeleton from Aramis for comparisons....