Biology of mind :: problems accessing lectures

A few students have reported problems downloading the lecture PDF's here. I would like to get as much information about any problems as possible, so I can track down whether these are due to browser inconsistencies or load on the server. At present, if you cannot access the PDF files, one of two things is likely to be true:

  1. Your browser is actually starting to download the file without telling you. Since these are PDF files instead of HTML files, many browsers download them to the download directory on the computer without opening them or necessarily alerting you. The files are very large (>2MB), so the download may take a considerable amount of time, and if it is not obvious, you may end your session before they complete. If your computer does not give you an error message when you click on one of the PDF links, it is very likely that you are in fact downloading the file.
  2. There actually is some problem or incompatibility between your browser and the PDF file or the server. If your computer does give you an error message, or if you cannot see content such as pictures, this is likely to be true. If you are in this situation, please alert me with the content of the error, so that I can make adjustments if necessary.

If you have any problems accessing lectures, please let me know so that I can ensure that you have access to them, by e-mail if need be. If this applies to you, thanks for your patience and assistance.