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This is the course page for Anthropology 304, "Heredity, Environment, and Human Populations," at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Lecture notes (old powerpoint files by PDF) are available below. They are divided into six parts. I have also made two of my own book chapters available. The first one, chapter 2, covers genes, selection, and drift including some material on Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Chapter 3 discusses gene flow, FST and race.

Course materials:

Part 1 lectures
Part 2 lectures
Part 3 lectures
Part 4 lectures (race)
Part 5 lectures (eugenics to behavioral modification)
Part 6 lectures (genetic engineering, rights and culture)
Chapter 2, "Genetic change in populations"
Chapter 3, "Population structure and race"
Study guide 1

Study guide 1 problem answers

Study guide 2