Welcome to Anthropology 100!

This is the information zone for the third section of Anthropology 100 this fall, Biological Anthropology. I'm glad you found it, in spite of any redirects and turnarounds!

You may be wondering where you've ended up. I'm the instructor for the biological section of the class, and this site is my weblog. On the main page, I review lots of recent news in biological anthropology -- especially my own research topics: human evolution and genetics. The blog is updated at least daily, and usually more. If you want to find out more about me or my work, you can check out my information page, or read the weblog.

I have written a text for this section of the course, called Biological Anthropology FAQ. The book is specialized to this part of the course, and especially the way that I teach it. Most texts are way too long for a ten lecture sequence. I've made this one just the right length, with one short chapter for every lecture. I think it will be much more useful than the other books I could have assigned, but if not, at least it's free! It will be available from the library e-reserves November 1, just before the section begins.

I am also providing a full set of old lecture slides, which you can find by scrolling down or, if not, by clicking the link.

Again, welcome! You won't see me posting updates for the course until November. But in the meantime, feel free to look around. You may even find that you want to major in biological anthropology!