Job: University College Dublin (postdoc)

The School of Archaeology and Conway Institute of Genetics, University College Dublin, invite applications for a two year post-doctoral fellowship as part of a European Research Council funded project led by R Pinhasi: “From the earliest modern humans to the onset of farming (45,000-4,500 BP): the role of climate, life-style, health, migration and selection in shaping European population history”. The postdoctoral fellow will be part of a new Human Evolution research cluster at University College Dublin (in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin), focusing on the study of human evolutionary biology, genetics, migration and behaviour as well as research in related sub disciplines (pathogen evolution, livestock evolution, archaeology, paleontology, palaeoecology). The starting date is set on January 1st, 2013 and the duration of the position is 24 months.

The research will involve Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), ancient DNA (aDNA) analysis of ancient human remains from the Caucasus, Europe and Africa, AND/OR morphometric analysis of Neolithic and post-Neolithic skeletal series. The work will also involve collaboration with leading geneticists (Trinity College Dublin), anthropologists from across Europe, and simulation specialists, engaged in building an interdisciplinary view of the major events in Eurasian prehistory. Candidates will gain experience in NGS aDNA, and/or a broad range of morphometric and genetic quantitative methods.

Salary Scale will be around 30,000-31,000 per annum


PhD in a relevant subject (genetics, physical anthropology, molecular biology) An understanding of the operational requirements for a successful research project Evidence of research activity (publications, conference presentations, awards) and future scholarly output (working papers, research proposals, and ability to outline a research project) appropriate for career stage. Excellent Organisational and Administrative skills including a proven ability to work to deadlines Desirable

Experience and background in aDNA analysis, NGS and bioinformatics Experience and background in Morphometrics and/or quantitative analysis of skeletal series Background in physical anthropology

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Informal queries should be directed to Ron Pinhasi:

Associate Professor, School of Archaeology, University College Dublin Adjunct Assistant Professor, Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin