Sarah Blaffer Hrdy interview

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Eric Michael Johnson has posted a wonderful and wide-ranging interview with Sarah Blaffer Hrdy: “Raising Darwins Consciousness: Sarah Blaffer Hrdy on the Evolutionary Lessons of Motherhood”.

The balance of my life did not feel right. Furthermore, the state of my field was such that teaching in an anthropology department was not bringing me a whole lot of satisfaction. Its so hard to talk about it and tell the truth because there were so many different angles to it. But, basically, I wrote a book proposal, submitted it to publishers, there was an auction, the book was sold, and I immediately resigned from the university. I was offered to take the status of Professor Emerita, which I thought was an attractive offer. It didnt come with any pension or medical benefits but, because my work had been so controversial, it was a way for me to quit with dignity. So thats what I did.