Ecologists against public access to peer reviewed publications

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This seems incredible, from Jonathan Eisen: “YHGTBFKM: Ecological Society of America letter regarding #OpenAccess is disturbing”.

Wow -- I am really disturbed by the letter the Ecological Society of America (ESA) has written to the White House OSTP in regard to Open Access publishing.
So - the justification here for not making ecological articles available is that they are MORE important over time? So the taxpayers pays for research that is valuable and because it is valuable over time we should make it less freely available? Seriously?

This next week is an important one for proponents of open access publication and data access, as the White House Office for Science and Technology Policy has requested public comments related to both these issues for federally funded research. I will be posting my letter about data access when I complete it this weekend. I encourage everyone to pay attention and submit a letter if possible. It is dismaying to see professional scientific societies take public stands against making their members’ research available.