Special effects

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The day has come when you can raise money for a movie by subscription, and here’s an interesting article profiling a project that’s trying to put old-style FX back to work: “Filmmakers Reviving Sci-fi With Lights, Miniatures, and Imagination”. I like their attitude.

Advanced civilizations have descended into dark ages before, its not outside the realm of possibility. So keeping that in mind, I think if you make science-fiction films today, you have an obligation to inspire people to think about exploration and progress and the beauty of scientific pursuits, they said.
The problem with many science-fiction films today, according to Van Gorder and Stockmeier, is they fail to address mankind regaining control of its technology when technology reaches highly-advanced levels.

As they say, almost all the sci-fi plots these days are about humans losing control of technology, or unintended consequences. I like the idea of the unintended consequence being someone taking control of her potential.