3D printing, faster, please

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Origo is still in the prototype phase, but its creators have openly discussed some of the ultimate specs on their Twitter feed and Facebook page, as well as on their main site. We should expect the 3D printer to have a USB port, wireless connectivity, a price around $800, and it will use 3Dtin as its design software. Peels tells me that the printer will be able to produce objects about the size of a large mug or medium jar. Depending on complexity, Origo should be able to give kids a small object (like a ring) in a manner of minutes, but larger objects (like a detailed baseball) could take a few hours. Material costs for 3D printing are high (say $40 to $400 a kilo for plastic!) but Peels really wants to bring this down to something very reasonable.

Please, please, please, I would gladly go to a license-for-unlimited casts model. Open access would be better. I just want the flexibility to shuffle the major casts into multiple lab stations, build kits to send around to schools, and not worry about things breaking. It’s just not quite there, yet, either in price or simplicity.