(someone else's) Tips on finding an audience

Consultant and former humanities student James Mulvey offers advice for how to make your online writing have more impact: “Expand your blog’s reach”. Yes, I’ve been linking several former-academics-now-consultants lately. By leaving the cocoon, they’ve found ways to do some things better that academics do poorly. Plus, I liked his intro:

Its March. Im running a chainsaw, the Cantos of Dante pounding in my headphones over a techno beat. While this might seem like a confused union -- European trance music and high art -- for Robert Harrisons small online audience it is just another typical opening segment for Entitled Opinions, a literary podcast. Topics range from the extraterrestrial origins of Jimi Hendrixs musical genius to the ritual of sacrifice. Bizarre at times, pretentious for some, and unapologetically devoted to the aestheticism of literature, Entitled Opinions is not your traditional literary podcast. But its a show that has perhaps done more for promoting the humanities than any scholarly monograph in my recent memory.

You have to start doing something to make a difference…but when you start, you might use a little advice about how to get the word out.

(via Jason Antrosio)