Ugandapithecus skull found

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A brief report earlier this month from Agence France-Presse describes a new discovery of Ugandapithecus, worked on by Brigitte Senut and Martin Pickford: “20-million-year-old ape skull unearthed in Uganda”.

"This is the first time that the complete skull of an ape of this age has been found ... it is a highly important fossil and it will certainly put Uganda on the map in terms of the scientific world," Martin Pickford, a paleontologist from the College de France in Paris, told journalists in Kampala.

Ugandapithecus is a large Early Miocene ape, probably related to Proconsul. A 2009 paper by Pickford and colleagues Pickford:Ugandapithecus:2009 (open access) does a nice job of showing the anatomy with photographs and describing how the different samples of Ugandapithecus, some of which represent different species, differ from Proconsul. It will be very interesting to see how the new skull adds to the record of this ape genus.