Bake sales minus the baking

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Remember when we were going to have to hold bake sales to save the schools? Well, New York has found one way to solve that problem: “New York schools’ ban on homemade goods at bake sales has parents steamed.”

The Department of Education says the regulations are aimed at combating obesity among the city's more than 1.1 million public school children, about 40% of whom are overweight. By restricting bake sale offerings to goods limited in calories and wrapped in packaging that lists nutritional information, schools will help children reduce their intake of unhealthy snacks, officials say.

I’m surprised they aren’t also saying that making packaged food in factories uses less carbon than all those home ovens.

Now, see, I think the “paleo diet” folks should see this as an opportunity. Come to the schools, set up a card table, and slap down some venison!