Quote: Popular Science on 1929

More from the Popular Science archive, in the January 1929 issue: “What the World Owes to 1929.” Writing the short “Anthropology” summary was Ales Hrdlička.

Weidenreich published the first account of the highly interesting new Ehringsdorf skull. Miss Garrod, Buxton, and Elliot Smith reported on the new Mousterian find, including a child's skull, of Gibraltar. And Hrdlička in his Huxley lecture showed that in the light of present evidence science is no more justified in excluding the Neanderthal man from our ancestry.

Great that he could fit himself in there, in the third person. And yet, out of the stuff from 1929, Hrdlička’s lecture probably was the most enduring, and the others that he listed really were important.

Oh, and the thing starts with a tiny woodcut:

Caveman doodle from Popular Science, 1929

I love that little guy!