Ready for birdcage lining

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What we’re up against:

His 13 books, with names like Genesis Revisited and The Earth Chronicles, have sold millions of copies and been translated into 25 languages.
The planets inhabitants were technologically advanced humanlike beings, Mr. Sitchin said, standing about nine feet tall. Some 450,000 years ago, they detected reserves of gold in southeast Africa and made a colonial expedition to Earth, splashing down in what is now the Persian Gulf. Mr. Sitchin said these Nibiru-ites recruited laborers from Earths erect primates to build eight great cities. Enki, who became the Sumerians god of science, bestowed some of the Nibiru-ites advanced genetic makeup upon these bipeds so they could work as miners. This is how Mr. Sitchin explains what scientists attribute to evolution.

That’s in the NY Times today.