Chumans not chimps

Found in Nature’s year-end Research Highlights:

Palaeontology: Not from chimps
Analysis of the remains by Tim White at the University of California, Berkeley, and a large team of collaborators revealed that humans did not evolve from ancient chimpanzees, as has long been believed. Humans instead evolved along a separate lineage from the last common ancestor shared by early hominids and extinct apes.

Good grief! Didn’t anybody proofreading this realize the problem? This is Biology 101 stuff.

Meanwhile, this reminds us of one problem of the “Ardi was not like chimpanzees” storyline. It’s quite an important aspect of the discovery, but it should reaffirm the prediction that the chumans weren’t living chimpanzees. White and Lovejoy handled this relatively well with their “as Darwin told us” schtick, even if the “Darwin” quotes didn’t come from Darwin.