Seed interviews Richard Wrangham

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I’ve been reading Richard Wrangham’s book, and I’ll report on it when I’ve finished it. Meanwhile, SEED gives us another Wrangham interview. Wrangham points out that the measured calories in food from a bomb calorimeter are not what the body gets from digestion; and that less processed or raw foods are less bioavailable. Then Seed asks:

Seed: Its ironic, then, that dieting supplements are some of the most processed foods out thereground soy protein, shakes, etc.
RW: Its exactly the opposite of what it should be! All those liquid protein dietsI mean, its hilarious. Id be fascinated the find out the extent to which the proteins have been denatured and made even more calorie-rich by the addition of chemicals as well.

That’s important, I think. I’m really enjoying the parts of the book that discuss the raw foodists.

(via Razib)