Quote: Karl Pilkington on being 1.4 percent different from chimpanzees

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If you don’t know about Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington, you can read more at this interview of Gervais by Australia’s Asylum. Where Ricky exposes his secret love of anthropology:

If you had an unlimited amount of time to study something what would it be?
Ricky: It would be anthropology. Evolution, specifically our relationship to apes. I think that's why I'm fascinated with Karl Pilkington. Because I think I've found a missing link. And I just can't get enough of it.

And after baiting the hook that way, proceeds to reel it in:

Sometimes there is an arrogance in [Pilkington's] ignorance. For example, I explained to him on "Natural History" that we're 98.6 percent genetically identical to a chimpanzee. And I said we're closer to a chimp than the chimp is to a gorilla. Karl went "no way," I said, yes it's true. He said "no, if I look at them, I'd think the gorilla is more like us." I said "You'd be wrong. The chimpanzee is 98.6 percent genetically identical to a human. That's only 1.4 percent difference." And Karl went, "well that's gotta be the arse then."

(via Althouse)