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Worth reading: Laelaps on “Hesperopithecus”, “The ‘Million-Dollar Pig’s Tooth Mystery’”.

Shortly after the announcement of "Hesperopithecus" in 1922 the Illustrated London News ran an article about the find by Grafton Elliot Smith. Included with it was a restoration of what "Hesperopithecus" might have been like by Amedee Forestier, but it was a far cry from what Osborn, Gregory, Matthew, and Hellman envisioned. Forestier, taking inspiration from depictions of "Java Man" (known as Homo erectus today), turned "Hesperopithecus" into "Nebraska Man." He is seen walking, club in hand and "wife" by his side, through a landscape inhabited by camels and other prehistoric mammals.

Nice long essay about the self-correcting nature of science.