They've been raising tuition ever since.

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The Telegraph reports on Darwin’s college account ledger:

Darwin's college bills amounted to 636.0.91/2 over three years - not including 14 he paid for his BA degree in 1831 and 12 he spent collecting an MA in 1836.
The books also contain accounts for the barber, chimney-sweep, apothecary [pharmacist], porter, brazier [who looked after the fires], glazier, hatter, laundress, linen-draper and painter, among others.

Linen-draper? Gee, nowadays you just go to Target at the beginning of the year.

University officials said some details of Darwin's life - including how much he spent on alcohol or on having his horse stabled remained unknown.

Well, with such giant gaps in our knowledge, how can we even be sure Darwin existed?