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A reader forwards this article from the Washington Post:

In a dim hallway in the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, anthropologist David Hunt opens a dingy green cabinet and pulls out a drawer full of human bones.
"This," he says, "is Grover Krantz."

If you’re an anthropologist, that’s all you will need to see to follow the link and read the whole thing. If not, you may need a little more:

"Grover kept a lot of stuff," he says. "These are his baby teeth."


Working at the Berkeley museum, Krantz broke his big toe in a particularly memorable manner: He dropped the Dead Sea Scrolls on it.

Click the link. You know you want to. And you’ll find a sweet story of a misunderstood anthropologist, the dog he loved, and a death spent teaching.

Oh, and Bigfoot, too.