That is, unless you're on Team Jolie

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In the Halloween spirit yet? If not, think about this:

It is a discovery that could explain the enduring appeal of Friends. Scientists have found brain cells devoted to Jennifer Aniston.
Fans of the actress, who played socialite Rachel Green in the Channel 4 sit-com, are likely to have at least one brain cell that springs into action each time they see a picture of her, research suggests.
Other brain cells are similarly encoded to store memories of individual celebrities, from actress Halle Berry to former US presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.

You see, if we could just get every one of the 500 million or so Jennifer-Aniston-aware people to donate that brain cell to science, we could at last create a zombie Frankenmonkeybrain. Then we could surgically implant it within a reverse-aging monkey body, and set it loose to hunt down Lara Croft.